Honda Canada Finance

  • Client was ordered to comply with a legal order regarding a class action lawsuit. More than 12 million pages of lease
    documents held the information that the client was required to provide. A short timeframe of nine months
    was ordered to produce these documents.
  • To extract data from the above-noted lease documents cost effectively.
  • To find a solution that met the timeframe mandated by the courts.

Perimeter Group Solutions
  • Completed an analysis to confirm that a manual review of the documents, in the timeframe issued, would not be possible.
  • Conducted time and personnel studies that confirmed an overwhelming cost associated with manual extraction of data.
  • Provided time and cost justification for the client to implement a suitable workflow imaging solution.
  • Perimeter Group's solution resulted in complete digitization of all 12 million pages to searchable data in five months.

Perimeter Group Results
  • This solution allowed the client to begin "Discovery" (Legal Process) of required documents immediately and was completed within one month.
  • Perimeter Group saved the client over $300,000.00 with the digital solution vs. manual extraction. The client's needs were exceeded, saving cost and meeting their mandated timeframe.

De Beers

  • To comply with corporate and industry information standards.
  • To increase security of corporate information and controlling access to data.
  • To secure sharing of digital information within the organization's multiple worldwide locations.

Perimeter Group Solutions
  • Worked with the client to set and understand standards and regulations for management and storage of corporate information.
  • Provided a solution to digitize hard copy corporate assets to searchable data, which provided security, controlled access and backup of corporate assets.

Perimeter Group Results
  • Perimeter Group's solution allowed the client to:
    • significantly reduce the cost associated with sharing hard copy documents throughout various locations worldwide
    • reduced time associated with access to information from days/weeks to literally seconds
    • ensured security of the assets by eliminating the need to courier physical documents

  • Significantly reduced floor space costs and allowed client to down size from three floors to two.
  • Reduced personnel costs associated with searching and accessing information globally.
  • Ensured the longevity and security of critical corporate assets from loss through:
    • fire
    • water
    • human-inflicted destruction
    • corporate espionage

Hull & Hull LLP

  • To assist a leading law firm to move from a paper-based practice to a digital platform.
  • To help implement standards and practices with respect to conversion of paper-based documents to digital documents.
  • To eliminate the cost associated with storage (both on-site and off) of hard copy documents.
  • To implement a secure solution for all active files, including in-house and incoming documents.

Perimeter Group Solutions
  • Provided the firm with a cost effective transition from hard copy documents to digital documents workflow.
  • Recommended and established standards for the firm's digital information practices.
  • Implemented best practices for in-house digitization of incoming documentation and filing of new electronic documents.

Perimeter Group Results
  • Allowed the firm to expand revenue-generating space for additional lawyers by eliminating file cabinets and rolling stock.
  • Perimeter Group's solution eliminated the need for off-site storage of physical files.
  • Provided security of the client's documents, which was of paramount importance.
  • Enabled administration staff and lawyers to access all firm documents based on security clearance efficiently and remotely.